In the last few years the Indian Food & Beverage Industry has grown leaps & bounds, the dividends therefore in this industry are unmatched and growth is exponential. MAYUR’s unique concept of serving unlimited vegetarian thali is coupled with immaculate business modules which makes it an undeniable success in the world of F&B. We bring our expertise and commitment to our partnerships as well and offer our franchisees, our extensive business experience and proven operational system to assist them to grow quickly, efficiently and successfully. Mayur with its diversity has developed from being an all thali joint to now thali, snacks, cafeterias, catering, etc. There is more to explore in association with us.

Franchise Criteria

• Budding Professionals/Entrepreneurs with F&B experience
• Franchisee with management experience, capable of handling daily operations
• Franchisee who are pro-active & take initiative to understand the market trend
• Franchisee who are financially capable of supporting business during gestation period.
• Franchisee with effective interpersonal skills and an aptitude to maintain healthy customer relations.


Mr. Ameet Chordia +91 89758 50909

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Educational Qualification beginning with the most recent
Previous Work Experience
Company Name(s) Proprietary/Partnership/ Private Ltd/ Public Ltd. Nature of Business Products Years in Business People Employed Turnover (Rs. in lakhs) Last 3 years
Does your professional background involve any of the following? (Please tick)
How soon can you free yourselves from present commitments to start this possible association with Mayur?
How do you propose to set up the outlet? (Please tick)
How do you propose to raise funds for this outlet?
Depending on plan approved for desired location approximately 2000 Sq. Ft.(Carpet area) will be required (Please Tick).
If yes, fill in the details below
Nature of Agreement* Ownership / Rental / Long Term Lease Period of Lease Carpet Area Location Commercial Area
* Please provide copy of agreement
How will you be able to contribute in terms of personal skill and attributes to make this enterprise a success?
Why are you interested in a particular city and a particular location that you mentioned above to open up franchisee?
(If yes, provide details)
Other such restaurants from the branded players in your city that you consider as major competitor to MAYUR?
Why are you interested in MAYUR franchisee?

We agree to the rejection of this application if the changes are not approved by MAYUR